• Polderflex


    Polderflex is a smooth bore PVC Hose/PVC ducting for suction & transport. It is reinforced with an embedded high tensile steel wire helix. It is a flexible PVC Hose that is smooth inside and out with good resistance to oils, alkalis and acids. It has good chemical resistance and is non-toxic. Applications include suction and discharge of liquid media, granular transportation. Polderflex is suitable for foodstuffs.

  • Master PVC Flex

    Master PVC Flex

    Master PVC flex is a flexible PVC hose/PVC ducting made with 2 layers of soft PVC with yarn reinforcement and is also reinforced internally with plastic coated spring steel wire helix. It is an extremely versatile pvc hose and is lightweight with an almost entirely smooth bore. Applications include domestic vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, dust extraction, weld fumes and cable protection.

  • Master PVC LF-M

    Master PVC LF-M

    Master PVC LF-M is a soft grey PVC flexible hose or flexible ducting, reinforced with a PVC coated high tensile steel wire helix. It is a medium duty pvc flexible hose and is very flexible and lightweight. This PVC Hose copes well with small bend radius and is flame retardant. Applications include the automotive industry, industrial fumes and moderate abrasive dust under low pressure and vacuum.

Product Focus - Masterflex PVC Ducting, Tubing, Pipe & Hose

Polderflex, Master PVC Flex and Master PVC LF-M are just three products from the Masterflex range of PVC ducting, tubing and hose. They highlight the variety of PVC ducting products we have available and demonstrate our commitment to a broad base of products in our specialist field.

Masterflex have been manufacturing PVC ducting and hose for 25 years and have grown into one of the global market leaders in the supply of pvc flexible pipe and hose products.

With nine offices worldwide Masterflex have a global resource that allows great flexibility in our ability to cater for the most demanding contract. If you cannot find a specific product on our website or need help and advice on a particular solution then please contact one of our technical sales team on 0161 626 8066 who will be only too happy to help .